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An Introduction to the Fashion Supply Chain in Asia

Our training program includes the following three elements:

  • “All About Fashion Supply Chain” public workshops
  • “Understand Your Supply Chain” private courses
  • “Meet Your Supply Chain” on-site tours

1. “All About Fashion Supply Chain” public workshops

Our public workshops are organised quarterly, running four times throughout the year. Throughout each workshop we will:

  • Present and provide you with comprehensive background information about the Asian industry; 

  • Introduce the most updated information and data that our China team has collected, such as: current average labor cost in Chinese factories, the percentage of cotton price increasing in recent couple of months, the situation of serious labor shortage in China; 

  • Present the newest textile fabrics or techniques in the fashion industry, and discuss with you relevant issues facing the industry’s innovation and future.

Note: While each workshop will have a different topic, there is a chance that the topics are repeated to meet new attendee demand – please contact us, if you’d like prior information on the workshop topic. 

2. “Understand Your Supply Chain” private courses

We provide private training courses for individual fashion industry practitioners (such as designers and brand owners) to help them to build their understanding of textile sourcing and manufacturing in Asia.

We also run training courses for companies who want to help their employees gain both general knowledge and up-to-date information about Asian supply chains.
At Langsey Company, we can customise our training courses based on your individual needs and enquiries.


3. “Meet Your Supply Chain” on-site tours

Each year, we also organise on-site tours to China. These tours enable our clients to gain a first- hand understanding and experience of their supply chains.

During the one-week tour in China, you will:

  • Visit a wide range of factories, including: raw material factory, dying factory, printing factory, knitwear sewing factory, and woven clothing sewing factory. By visiting these factories, clients gain on-site understanding about the downside of fashion supply chains, and also get more useful engineering knowledge; 

  • Have the opportunity to attend networking events with local suppliers, in order to know more about Asian culture and business environment; 

  • Research the Asian market to find potential opportunities for your business – China is not only the place where your supply chain is, but also a huge market. 


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