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An Introduction to Guangzhou – China‘s Textile Heaven

While Guangzhou is certainly a well-known household name in China, even overseas designers are now familiar with the famous Guangzhou fabric markets.

In the Zhuhai District of Guangzhou City, large and small stores of various names are gathered here, and the business hours are bustling. Customers visit Guangzhou all year round to find novel yarns, fabrics, prints, and accessories such as buttons and laces. And with the Guangzhou Trading Fair held twice a year, many foreign merchants come into contact with each other, to connect and network.

Interested to learn more about China’s famous textile heaven? Here, we share some helpful information about the Guangzhou markets – how to get there, what to expect, and the very best areas to go to.

Understanding China’s Famous Manufacturing Regions

Recently, we talked about the geographical distribution of China’s factories and why it’s important to have an understanding of these regions if you’re working with Chinese manufacturers.

In China, there are certain geographical regions that are associated with certain products. For example, Jiangsu Province is well-known for producing high quality silk fabrics, while Fujian Province is an area that is famous for beautiful laces. In the Chinese fashion industry, each category has its own large trade market.

When it comes to fabric and textiles, Guangzhou area is the place to be. In fact, the major textile markets in Guangzhou lead the way for the entire domestic fashion industry in China.

Guangzhou‘s Best Textile Markets

Among the massive textile markets in Guangzhou, the International Textile City and Zhongda Fabric Market are the undisputed leaders.

At these two locations, you’ll find buildings, streets and alleys filled with fabric vendors of all kinds and sizes. There are also various accessories markets around them. Each market is continuously developing and expanding with new venues.

Take Zhongda Fabric Market as an example. As China’s biggest fabric wholesale market, it covers nearly 50,000 sqm area, with more than 1000 fabric traders. You can find anything you want here – silk, cotton, printed fabric, satin, chemical fabric, fabric for wedding dresses, jeans, lining, plush, flocking, and so on.

Zhongda Fabric Market
Address: No. 40, Xingang Xi Lu (Xingang West Road), Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Tip: If you take Guangzhou Metro, get off at Sun Yat Sen University station, then take Exit D. Walk straight for 200 metres after the exit, then turn right onto Ruikang Road. Here you will find fabric markets all over that street.

At International Textile City, you’ll discover more than 4000 shops, selling millions of fabrics, accessories and fashion elements. The location is a one-stop sourcing base for global textile procurement and is open 365 days of the year.

Guangzhou International Textile City

Address: No. 2, Jinfang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Tip: Guangzhou International Textile City is sometimes also known as China Fabric and Accessories Center – so don’t be confused!

An Option to Use Purchase Guides

Around the periphery of Guangzhou, you’ll also find plenty of manufacturers offering services for small orders of garments.

However, Guangzhou is a very large area – so even if you were to search carefully store by store for a whole day, you would not cover all stores! After walking around the market, you will also find that the sheer amount of variety of products, as well as the difference in quality, can be quite overwhelming. So how do you know which supplier to choose?

A new business has been generated in the market, known as purchase guide. At the doorsteps of major markets, it's easy to find these services holding small billboards to solicit business. They all claim to be able to provide precise guidance to find whatever fabrics, accessories, or ready-to-wear proofs you want. But be mindful – they are not always helpful. It will be up to you whether you choose to use their services.

Further Afield to More Manufacturing Regions

Visiting Guangzhou markets? You might also like to know that the neighboring suburbs outside Guangzhou City have also developed their own strengths and characteristics.

For example, you have Dalang's woolen industry, Dongguan's garment processing, and Panyu's dyeing and finishing.

But if you’re looking for the best fabric and textiles, remember Guangzhou is the place to be.

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